Kirk Fisher, Louisiana

Kirk Fisher - Louisiana Businessman and MBA Instructor

An accomplished businessman, Kirk Fisher teaches up-and-coming professionals as an instructor and executive in residence with the Louisiana State University E. J. Ourso College of Business’ Flores MBA Program. In his time with the program, he has played a key role in the development and eventual implementation of the management consulting specialization program and an international collaboration linking Louisiana State University to schools in Brazil and China. Besides his commitment to education, Kirk Fisher works as vice president and chief operating officer with the Plexos Group, a firm dedicated to helping corporate clients enhance efficiency and drive profits.

Complementing the above, Kirk Fisher gives back to his community through charitable involvement. He is a member of Better Than Nobody, a band that plays on behalf of nonprofit organizations like Casa for Casa, a group supporting children impacted by abuse and neglect, and local churches.

Outside of these endeavors, the executive stays culturally engaged by attending Broadway shows and listening to various kinds of music. He also travels widely to places in Europe and Asia.

Plexos Group’s Rigorous Approach to Claims Management

As the vice president of operations with the Plexos Group, Kirk Fisher helps lead a Louisiana business management firm that offers dedicated claims administration and disbursement solutions. Kirk Fisher and his colleagues are experienced in all aspects of managing complex, large-scale programs.

The Plexos Group designs project plans in ways that take into consideration efficiency, cost effectiveness, and the client’s overall objectives. Quality of services delivered is enhanced by quickly deployed “SWAT” teams that address specific issues, such as bottlenecks in the claims process, before they become major problems. A rapid assessment process seeks out and identifies documentation that is complete and ready, so claims can quickly proceed to the next stage.

In addition, the Plexos Group maintains teams with a long-term focus on evaluating each claim category and the processes associated with it. These teams have in-depth knowledge that enables them to create the best possible protocol for handling specific claim types. The firm also performs statistical modeling that involves end-to-end simulation and ensures optimal deployment of manpower and resources throughout a period of months and years.

The Louisiana Road Home - Expanded Rebuilding Opportunities

Kirk Fisher is a respected Louisiana entrepreneur who serves as Plexos Group’s vice president of operations and guides a firm that offers a host of project consulting and business management solutions. Kirk Fisher’s and his team’s business management experience extends to the Louisiana Road Home—Homeowner Assistance Program, which has provided more than $9 billion in assistance to coastal families seeking to rebuild from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita over the past decade.

A partnership between the state, Federal Emergency Management Agency, and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the Road Home program also provides funds for residential projects designed to help houses withstand future storms.

In August 2015, federal authorities at HUD agreed to relax strict rules governing the Road Home program. Per the agreement, certain residents will be able to submit additional applications to elevate and complete work on homes under an expanded Road Home eligibility definition. This move has been lauded by many in Louisiana as a pathway forward in ensuring that residents can return to long-vacated houses.

CASAs for CASA Benefits Kids

Business professional and Louisiana resident Kirk Fisher is the CEO of Fisher Real Estate and the COO of the Plexos Group. Aside from his professional activities, Kirk Fisher is a member of a band called Better Than Nobody. The band, made up of business professionals, often plays for charity events, including the annual CASAs for CASA fundraiser that takes place in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

CASA is a nationwide program that coordinates volunteers who function as Court-Appointed Special Advocates (CASAs) for children who have been neglected or abused and are currently in foster care. A court-appointed advocate works to represent the best interests of a child in court and functions as a consistent figure in court proceedings.

Each year, the Capital Area CASA Association hosts a fundraiser called CASAs for CASA to help fund services in the East Baton Rouge Parish. The 22nd annual CASAs for CASA fundraiser kicked off July 24, 2016, with the CASA Fiesta, which featured music, Mexican cuisine, and a silent auction.

The trademark event of the fundraiser is a raffle with a deluxe playhouse as the prize. The playhouse, called the “Grand Victorian,” was designed by Lilliput Play Homes and is valued at $25,000.

The fundraiser concluded with CASA Kids Day, a safety and wellness fair for children and families. The CASAs for CASA fundraiser typically brings in an average of $80,000 for the organization.