What did I choose?

A= I choose 3d modeling as a project.

Why did I choose it?

A= I choose it because I like to create and model things, so to have a chance to do so, is a big opportunity for me.  

What do I want to learn?

A= I want to learn how to create things with an object that can change the world, 3d printing is amazing.

Would I like to have this as a career?

A= Ummm..... kind of a hard thing to consider, I already have an idea of a career, but it depends on what I am capable to do with the 3d printing, but this could be a great thing I may consider for college.

2nd day entree

What did I do to plan/learn about my project?

A= I basically watched some videos on 3d printing and what I can do with it, so I can have some ideas on what I may be able to do, from the videos I have a lot of ideas on making my glider.

3rd day

What did I do?

A-  Well for the past couple of days I have been drawing out my ideas and measurements.

4 day entree

What did I do?

A- Today I was just finishing my sketches and started to model on Sketchup.

What questions did I answer about how to complete your project?

A- My very first questions i asked myself was is it gonna work, will it be done in time, will I get a good grade on it?

5-6 day entree

Am I having a difficult time with this project?

A-To tell the truth it has been a VERY hard time with this project, you have to plan it out really well. I am saying correct measurements and the modeling on "123d design" is kind hard for me to get used to. B overall I has been fun doing this project.

7 day entree

What are some terms in 3d modeling?

A- A term can be how does it work. Well the answer to that is scanning an existed model. 3d printing uses scanning. And they are downsides to this, because you can duplicate almost anything, there are gonna be a lot of questions to this, like creating weapons and very  bad things.

8 day entree

What questions and info. do you need to research?

A-Some info I have been trying to research is, can there be another way to make a glider or something better, and the answer is yes because there are better stuff than what i'm making and since i'm a beginner, this is one of the better things i I have created.


Technical parts on my project.

What technical parts do you have to for fill you project?

A- The big thing is the body, which is able to hold everything to make this glider able to be created, the nose, wing, tail fin, everything.

Tech stuff part 2

Well this project has been a fun time. The very hard thing was the design and to make sure it works, and plus with being absent for two day has a lot on my back. Technical wise I just hope it prints well.

What I want to decide to talk about.

Well today I just finished with modeling and everything I have been behind with, and my good friend Spence, he is making a prosthetic hand and he failed 3 times. It is because of how high it was standing and it tipped over, so if you 3d print make sure to put a lot of your stuff flat.

What I learned today.

I learned what it feels like when something doesn't turn out right. My glider turned out to be to small.

where I will go from here.

Well I just had the most EPIC FAIL!!!!!!! I planned totally wrong, don't worry I don't have to remodel, I just got tot place the pieces differently.

What is your next step.

Well my next step is to print out my glider, but on separate parts to make the glider way bigger. So it makes it easier to work with also. Hopefully it works.  

Did It work?

Well my first I had on my first and then remade them and got them bigger so lets see what happens.


Project didn't really turn out how I wanted to. l had lost my pieces, and the first print was to small and hard to work with.

What did I learn?

1. I learned designing, basically getting to become way more better at designing.

2. To create better.

3. Think better.

4. I learned that in a couple years 3d printing is going to change the world.

5. All the different thing you can make or the substance you can print with is just so amazing.

6. Well since I was making and glider I did some research on them and found how they are made is really cool.

7. I learned that technology is getting better by this second, someone out there has something that is going to change the world, there are so many things that are going to be invented its crazy.

8. I learned to fail.

Would I want to change the project?

Yes to tell the truth, at first I wanted to do arduino but I thought 3d printing was going to be better. Now don't get me wrong I loved 3d printing but I wanted more of a challenge, and my good friend David who did do arduino said it was hard. Now he is better at tech than me but he said for beginners it would be hard, so I wish  I can go back in time so I can choose just that.  

Did I like it?

Yes, I did but I wish it was more challenging.

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