Teah Lint 5th hour 4/16/14

Twists and turns
highs and lows
around corners
upside down
right side up.

Rollercoasters aren't for everyone.
I love rollercoasters.

Feeling like you know
but don't know where you are.
Launching forward, unannounced as the car takes off.

Some people say it's bad,
they say the turns make them sick.

I say, the turns intoxicate me.
Bumps and twists, they make me feel out of control.
Which people also say is bad...

Now, correct me if I'm wrong,
maybe I'm just naïve,
but I can't quite believe
that the flying sensation doesn't make you want to stay,
don't leave.

And I know.
After you fly, you fall
but look me in the eye
and tell me that the fall
isn't just as invigorating as the fly.

So, maybe it isn't as terrible
as people make it seem
to allow your mind to wander
to places it's never seen.

Maybe it's okay to jump and fly,
even knowing that after every fly
there's a fall.

And you might not know what choice
will make your flight the longest,
but maybe you're convinced anyway

Now listen.
Forget what they told you
because they don't know what love is.
They've never run in a race.
They don't sing in the shower
or plant spring flowers.

Please, my friends,
don't dread the fall
more than you crave the fly.

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