Energy around the world

With thermal energy we can transform that energy into radiant energy (electromagnetic) by transferring it into heat into the object. For example solar panels. The sun gives off heat (thermal energy) to give out electricity for the places that need it.

With nuclear energy we can transform that energy into thermal energy by transferring nuclear energy into thermal energy. We know that Nuclear energy can become as heat. For example nuclear reactors. They produce thermal energy and are designed to generate electricity just by using nuclear and thermal energy.

Chemical energy is able to be transformed to light (electromagnetic) by  having the right chemicals to turn chemical energy into light. For example wood burning in a fire. It has the right source of chemical and produces radiant energy.

Nuclear energy is energy that is released when dealing with nuclear fission or fusion. Thermal energy is energy that deals with hot temperatures. For example a nuclear bomb it uses nuclear and thermal energy to work the explosion when needed.  

With Mechanical energy we able to transform mechanical energy into sound energy. Mechanical energy deals with motion and with sound energy its just dealing with sounds. For example a flute player has a mechanical instrument which functions all together to produce sound.

Electrical energy is energy dealing with electrons and atoms to transfer it to other energies. Radiant energy is energy to power up things, For example a light bulb. We can use electrical and radiant energy to transform that light bulb into radiant energy  (light)

With thermal energy we can transform that energy into mechanical energy. Using thermal energy we can use that energy to power up the machine into mechanical energy. For example a steam engine. It needs thermal energy to convert it into mechanical energy, so it can start moving and do its job.   

With mechanical energy we can transform that into electrical energy. Using mechanical energy we can use the movement to convert it into electrical energy. For example a wind turbine it is using mechanical energy to move and turn the wind turbine, and with that movement it becomes into electrical to power up and generate energy.

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