By, Gunner Barenklau

Healthy Eating Stem Project, Saddle Ridge Middle

Date, Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

(1) How many machines should we have? Why did you choose that number of machines?

At saddle ridge i believe that we should have a total of 5 vending machines, one in every wing and one in the cafeteria. That way they are spread out and easy to get to.

(2) What kinds of healthy snacks would you like to see in your vending machine(s)? Why did you select these snacks?

I think they should hold Brisk Tea, Clif Bars, Trail Mix, Caramel Popcorn, Juice Boxes, Cereal Bars, Fig Newtons, Bottled Water (Spring Water), Snikiddy, Popchips, and Green Teas. I selected these snack choices because they are known, tasty, and yes, Healthy.

(3) What should these snacks cost? Why did you select these prices?

In the order above, $1.80, .50, $1.50, .50, .60, $1.35, $1.00, .75, .75, and $1.20

(4) Where should the machine(s) be located? Whydid you select these locations?

There should be one in every wing of the school, red wing upper, red wing lower, blue wing upper, blue wing lower, and an extra in the cafeteria.

(5) When should students be able to use the machine(s)? Why did you select these times of day?

After school, between classes, during lunch, before and after lunch, and before school.

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