The Pigman

Author: Paul Zindel
Genre: Fiction
By: David Kitterman


-Paul Zindel, the author of "The Pigman", "The Pigman's Legacy" and "My Darling, My Hamburger", is well known for writing pre-teen and teen books. His books are fiction based on personal experiences that he has had. He includes information in the "Extra" part at the end of the book.


-John Conlan: A high-school sophomore, a trouble maker, who has a dad who is a bad influence on him, loves to do pranks, is a bad influence, loves to drink and smoke.

-Lorraine Jensen: A high-school sophomore, "GG", sensitive, compassionate, observes people, interested in psychology, has a mother who slaps her many times, and has low self-esteem.

-Mr. Pignati: The person who shows up in Lorraine and John's life who offers them the parent they never had. He expresses love and affection.

-Mrs. Jenson: Lorraine's mom, has trouble raising Lorraine by herself, hates when Lorraine hangs out around boys because of her personal experiences with men (like with Lorraine's dad), and she works as a nurse for elderly people.

-Mr. Conlan: John's bad influence father who greatly influences his life, stressed out from his job in the Exchange and an alcoholic.

-Mrs. Conlan: Is a clean freak and doesn't show affection for John.

-Norton Kelly: Steals everything and is part of the reason why Mr. Pignati died.

-Bobo: The last friend Mr. Pignati had, and a baboon.


-Staten Island, New York

-John and Lorraine's house.

-The mall.

-Their school.


-Exposition: John and Lorraine are introduced as well as their parents who influence their lives.

-Rising Action: John and Lorraine are doing their foolish pranks, prank calling and Mr. Pignati is introduced and seems to fall under the sophomores fake organization, however, they realize Mr. Pignati is the parent they never had who gives them love, affection and fun toys. Mr. Pignati found company in his house besides his porcelain pigs.

-Climax: John and Lorraine throw a party in Mr. Pignati's house while he was recovering in the hospital from a foolish game that involved running up the stairs with him in roller skates.

-Falling Action: John decided to not invite Norton Kelly because he knew he would just steal things, however, Norton found out about the party and when he did, he freaked  out and broke the pigs in the basement. Mr. Pignati found out about the pigs and Bobo so he fainted.

-Resolution: Mr. Pignati had a second and last heart attack which took his life and made John come to the conclusion of thinking about his parents and their decision making and the time they have left together.


-The main conflict in this story is how John and Lorraine didn't have a good childhood, so it influenced the decisions they made including the prank calls.



-Things happen for a reason

-Don't judge a book by it's cover

-Adolesence/Peer pressure


-Porcelain pigs- Symbolize people he lost like his wife, and/or a friend or family member he always wanted.


-Prank calling=Bad news!

-Lorraine had a dream about being in the pig-room with a dead body in a coffin that foreshadows  something devastating will happen in the room, possibly death.


-Text-to-Self: I myself like to do pranks like John and Lorraine but not prank calls- CALLER ID!

-Text-to-Self: Just like John and Lorraine, I regret things that happened that in my life.

-Text-to-World: Many people write books and keep other figures and legacies alive.

-Text-to-World: My mom collects cows just like the Pigman collected pigs.

Golden line

-And maybe Lorraine and I were only a different kind of baboon in a way. Maybe we were all baboons for that matter—big blabbing baboons—smiling away and not really caring what was going on as long as there were enough peanuts bouncing around to think about.....", at the end of book John and Lorraine realize that this was a message for them. It symbolizes how they're in a cage and they can't get out, they're trapped, can't get out....







-Pig Man book!

The author of the Pigman, Paul Zindel.
This novel takes place in Staten Island, New York.
The map of Staten Island, New York.
A riddle the Pigman asked John and Lorraine.
A cartoon of the begining of the story.

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3 years ago

I would have felt sorry for Norton and Mr.Pignai because they both go through hardships

3 years ago

I think it would have changed if Mr.Pignati wrote it would be sad. If it was Norton it would probably talk more about stealing and lying. Probably and not at the same time. I wouldn't because he could have changed and I would because bad things can happen.

3 years ago

This book would of been completely messed up if it came from Norton's point of view. But if it came from Mr. Pignati it would of been a sob story and really emotional. I feel sorry for them because they had a great thing but they lost it

3 years ago

I think Norton would have been abusing Mr. Pignati and not really want to have fun. I think Mr. Pignati would have been saying that he was really happy to have John and Lorraine in his life. Yes I would have felt sorry because they didn't get a lot of attention in their life.

3 years ago

I think think the story would be completly different because norton was not really in the story. They could of told something different, they could of told the story of their life 😁

3 years ago

I think if the story was written from Mr.Pignati's point of view the story would be very sad but suspenceful at the end when he dies because you wouldn't know what happened to John and Lorraine after wards but if it was writen from norton's point of view it wouldn't have even been called the pigman but the only part someone would have been sorry for him was with his child hood 💔 😒 😒 😒 😒 😒 😒 😒 😒 😒

3 years ago

I think that if it was Mr.Pignatis point of view then it would be much more sad because he would talk about conchetas death and how it affected hi. But meanwhile if it were written by Norton it would be more aggrassive and not show a lot of compassion. Becaus Nortin is so mean and aggressive

3 years ago

It would of change because we would see there thoughts about how they felt and feelings towards John and Lorraine. And we would see how norton really feals

3 years ago

I think the story would be better told by mr.p because it would more pop out

3 years ago

I think it would have been really diferent because I don't really think it would have been the same i think it would have been much different. I would have felt sorry for their life