The Search For The Perfect Christmas Tree:

Reminders In Our Work With Children

Is there A Perfect Christmas Tree? As I walked through the Christmas Tree farm today I saw many wonderful trees. But none that were perfect. Some were too scrawny, while others had spots that were worn. Still others had the wrong kind of needles and others were not tall enough. In the end, the tree that is chosen is the tree that hits certain criteria but the imperfections are noted to give the tree 'character'. We then add our touches and wonderfulnesses and get a something which brings both joy and warmth.

When we work with children we must always realize that no child is perfect. They have differences that add 'character' to who they are. These differences make each interaction sometimes challenging, sometimes exhilarating, but always unique and memorable. And as much as we might hope that we find the perfect tree, we won't. Nor will we with a child. And when we spend time with children we must always remember that when these imperfections arise, like the Christmas tree - we must celebrate all the qualities that when we add our own touches, something that is warm and wonderful results.