Ricky Bryant: Providing the Services of a Hospital at Home

Ricky Bryant is highly dedicated, highly self-motivated professional currently working in the healthcare industry as a successful healthcare executive. He is currently serving as the Chief Executive Officer and the Owner of the healthcare organization called Advanced Seniors Health Care Group, Inc. The organization was formerly known as the Community Home Health Care, Inc and specializes in at home health care for the elderly and the mentally ill populations.

Advanced Seniors Health Care Group, Inc offers a wide range of at home services that rival the quality care any patient could receive from a hospital or healthcare facility. They are dedicated to providing the best at home health care available so that patients can get back to their normal lives more quickly and safely. In addition to being a successful healthcare executive, Bryant is also a retired professional football player. He has excelled at every level within the sport of football including professional, collegiate, and high school. He graduated high school from Farmington Hills Harrison High School in Michigan, a school known for producing top football athletes. He later moved on to play collegiate football at the prestigious institutions of the Ohio State University and Hofstra University before his professional career.

Ricky Bryant enjoys his career as the Chief Executive Officer and Owner of the healthcare organization Advanced Seniors Health Care Group, Inc. He is dedicated to helping the elderly, mentally ill, or injured while providing hospital like services in the privacy and comfort of their own homes. Ricky Bryant can offer a large array of services including a registered nurse on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

He also ensures that every patient under the care of Advanced Seniors Health Care will be treated with respect, dignity, and professionalism as they deserve. The convenience of being treated at home means that family members can help make tough decisions without the pressures of being in a hospital.

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