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                              Story By Alissa Hageman          Photos by Christian Magic

   The storm was moving in quickly. The three children sat by the window looking out above the barn at the dark clouds that held gallons of rain. Together they started to think of the amazing times that they could be having if it wasn't about to storm for days.

    The first child, Kaley started day dreaming about the park she used to go to.There were flowers everywhere, and the trail that went through the park was perfect for running, walking, and biking. Kaley started to dream that she was running around with her siblings, playing tag. They had a blast running around on the springy grass.

  The next child, Kam, dreamed of a beautiful flower garden. She and her other siblings were laying in the hot sun, surrounded by sweet flowers. They rolled around tickling each other. Kam could feel the sun burning her skin, and feel the soft peddles tickle her face.

    The third child, Matt, dreamed of the trees by their house. He saw his dad and himself shooting black birds from their deck. The sun was shining right at them, and they could feel the warmness on the back of their necks. As he day dreamed he and his father saw a huge crow fly to the top branches. As stealthy as mice, he raised the 4-10 into the air and shot. He felt feathers tickle his nose as they fell to the ground.

    "Wake up kids!" said their mother, shaking each of their shoulders.

  It was bed time and the kids looked out the window. Where clouds had just been, a clear sky had replaced it.

    "Can we go outside?!" they all yelled, just wanting to run around.

    "NO! It is time for bed!" their mother scolded. Kaley, Kam, and Matt decided to listen, and they knew tomorrow, Saturday, they could play outside.

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