Poetry Vocabulary Collection Four

Miriah Wyers

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Crystal- Made of clear, brilliant glass

My brother hit the crystal chandler with the baseball.


Sinewy- Tough and strong

With sinewy hands, he carved the stone.


Brawny- Strong and muscular

My brother has very brawny arms.


Parson- Minister

The parson had a deep voice and was heard from far away.


Shaped by hammering

Wrought iron railings, tipped with gold paint.


Haunches- Upper legs or hips on an animal

My dog sat on his haunches when I told him to sit.

Vocabulary Questions

1.) No because if it was on it's haunches then it would be sitting down.

2.) Yes because if you were weightlifting then you would be brawny.

3.) An artist has sinewy hands.

4.) Yes because crystal is fragile.

5.) Yes because a parson is a priest.

6.) Yes because wrought is something shaped by hammering.

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