1/27 do you SA,A,D,SD? Explain.

Being loyal to your family.

I strongly agree being loyal to your family is important. The reason why I strongly agree is because if it wasn't for your family what other support would you have that actually means something to you. I once had friends in middle school that I thought were good friends but my family didn't and after that school year almost all them friends that I thought were good ended up not good friends by ditching class and failing and dropping out.

Power corrupts who have it.

I agree with this line/sentence because it's very true when people feel they have power then they think everything they do it legal or the right thing to do. When most times theirs a different way to do things. Why have the power and feel like your a leader make other people feel like you shouldn't be ? Just like in animal farm the humans seen it as the animals were their peasants they did all the little work that the humans were to lazy to do.

Being a traitor to one's country being the worst crime ?

No that can't be the worst crime cause some people are forced to move to a different country because the country doesn't want them to live their anymore such as countries in the Middle East getting sent to America for fighting wars or doing the little jobs us Americans are you lazy to do.

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3 years ago

Re'Twan, overall your examples support your ideas well! Make sure that you proofread your work carefully.