Paul Bunyan

Shalynn Boone, core 4

Key Ideas and Details

1(a) - Question: According to Sandburg, what is the origin of the Paul Bunyan stories?

      Answer: The origin of the Paul Bunyan stories are the people.

 (b) - Question : What does Sandburg mean by saying that "some of Paul is old as the hills, young as the alphabet"?

    Answer: Sandburg means that some versions of Paul is older than other versions of Paul.

2(a) - Question: Identify two actions that show Paul Bunyan is clever well as strong.

    Answer: Paul made a 200ft thick floor for the Axmen to walk on. He also dove into Lake Superior and made the weather better.

   (b) - Question: How do these qualities relate to the myth of the heroic character?

    Answer: These qualities are proving that he is really strong and wise too.

3(a) - Question: How does Paul Bunyan stop the rain?

     Answer: He swam up a pillar of water from Lake Superior and made the rain stop.

  (b) - Question: What do this anecdote and other details in the selection about life in the midwest in the early nineteenth century?

      Answer: It had many kinds of dangerous things that happened such as weather.

4(a) - Question: Do you think Paul Bunyan stories might have been based on a real person?

      Answer: I think that it was based on a real person but people exaggerated about him.

(b) - Question: What type of person in today's world might inspire this kind of story?

      Answer: A reporter might be the kind of person to make up things like that.

5(a) - Question: Why would a lumberjack be a hero in frontier america?

      Answer: Lumberjacks were a big job back then in the early 19th century.

(b) - Question: What qualities does Paul Bunyan Share with today's heroes?

      Answer: He helps people and has a specific way of doing it.


Paul Bunyan is an american folktale. This folktale is a very well known folktale that pretty much everyone has at least heard of. Paul Bunyan is a very tall and very big lumberjack. He is considered to be a hero to all the people who has told the folktale. Paul Bunyan was so great because he dug the Grand Canyon, he stopped it from raining, and he also cleared forests with just one swipe of his ax. The Paul Bunyan folktale was created during the 1920s and has been pasted down year after year by storytelling

The Theme

Paul Bunyan is the main character of this specific folktale. But because this folktale was written so long ago, it makes some people wonder if Paul Bunyan was even a real person or if he was just a fictional character. People thought this way because of all the things the people claimed he did during his time of supposedly existing. Anyways Paul Bunyan actually could have been a real man that did a lot of good things and  people thought so much of him that they just exaggerated to make him seem magnificent. The theme of this folktale would be to always be good to people.

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