Por: Marina Gill

Describe the activity: I watched a podcast this week about Barcelona and Catalunya. This podcast was by Rick Stevens who has tons of different videos about his travels around Europe. Watching this podcast was very interesting and awesome to have a cultural experience in the comfort of my own home. This podcast took me on a virtual tour of Catalunya. For example he took a tour of the Picasso Museum, and I was able to see the art culture. I was also able to see the markets they have in Barcelona that are full of history and cultural experiences. Lastly, in this podcast I was able to hear native speakers from Catalunya that spoke Catalan. It sounds similar to Spanish, but the people of Catalunya take pride in their own language.

What I learned: By watching this podcast I learned so much about the history, culture, and people that make up the wonderful Barcelona and Cataluña. I first learned that the city mostly thrives off of tourism. For example the 1992 Olympic games where held in Barcelona and attracted tons of tourists. I also learned about the pride of the Catalonians. They take such pride in their heritage, and even have their own flag separate from the flag of Spain. The podcast also mentioned how a long time ago the new leader of Spain banned the people of Calalunya to use their own flag. In a rebellion to the this the people refused to raise the flag of Spain, and only raised the flag of

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