The Robot and Adobe Illustrator

Our mission is, first to search an artist with a special steel. After we found the artist, we want to create a robot in the steel how he/she illustrated and created pictures with illustrator. All in all, we want a robot that is looking like he made it.

All rights reserved by the Artist. #João Oliveira and Anja Nolte.

I choosed Anja Nolte as Illustrator for my Robot. She doesn't work much with geometrical forms, more with colour pens and creepy faces.


Rosemarie lived in a small village near the Mississippi river. She had no house, she was just living in her own builded shelter, with no warm water and no energy there. But she was happy. She had a rose. As big as she was and water, she had water. But only cold water, but it wasnt nasty for her. She was happy with all she had, until her shelter was burning down, when she was looking for something to eat.When she came back, everything was burned over. The soil was black, and not anymore brown with something green, just black. She started crying. Her rose was also black, not red anymore. just black, like everything around her. But suddenly there came a lone gizzly the long way to her....

... "Come on Rosie, I wanna help you! Take your things and lets go!" Rosemarie put her things into a small backbag and took her black rose. The grizzly put her on his back and they ran away, from the black place, near the Mississippi river. After a few hours Rosemarie fell a sleep and the grizzly was also a bit tired, so they made a break. "Rosie, can you see this light in the peeks of the trees ? It's the light of the Woodelves, they protect you with their light, all night and all day."

First, Rosemarie was wondering about this beautiful light but now, she was worrying about her old home, and her lovely places. But she cant changes this situation... Rosemarie fell a sleep. On the next morning, she woke up and dedected, the last night was just a dream....

And so, she lived till the end of her days.