I need a theme

Where do I place my tags and hashtags?

Sharing my photos from other sources would be handy because they already auto-upload to both Facebook and Google+

Having all of these pre-populated words is a great way to show off how to create a new tackk here in beta mode but I hope that eventually a content creator is given an option to turn off the stock text. Selecting all text as I click into the boxes/fields is a great idea, as long as people know they can just start typing to overwrite the selected text without having to waste a step by pressing Delete or Backspace.

Pressing Enter gave me a nice, new paragraph. I guess I should try out the ole WYSIWYG editor over there...

Changing Font Faces was easy enough, though I'd like for my body text to change too. I want a cute little sans serif, please! Was a little difficult but finally managed to get my cursor hovered over the correct section to change my body text.

Found the tags section at the bottom of the Editor side-panel as well. limiting to 5 tags is a great way to force people to use only relevant tags and not spam tags that don't relate to what they're posting about.

Let's say I wanted to share a really awesome YouTube video... I can easily open the share tab in the video, grab the link and then create a hyperlink here in my post. When I click into the URL field, you shouldn't auto-populate the http:// text though. I have to spend time erasing it because the link I copied already included the http:// prefix. Also, your example text in the field provides the details.

I see that clicking the Add > Media below gave me the ability to embed the YouTube video right into my tackk. Good! I also saw my lovely SoundCloud! in fact,

The editor for Tackk is certainly new. I'm sure that once I try this a few more times, I'll get used it. You pretty much always want to close the Editor till you're ready to use it, at least from this netbook; the section-editor pop-up often gets ignored by the mouse-over on the Editor. Once I closed Editor, I could easily reach the section-editor to add Hyperlinks and change font.

that's all for now!

I need to reach the gym before it closes, so that's enough for now. The question still remains... is this site really built for blogging or just quick posting and content-sharing? Maybe, I'll use Tackk for creative content-sharing that involves multimedia and look to www.medium.com as a platform for sharing my words.

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