K-12 Classroom Apps

The TED app is available for both android and apple devices free of charge. You get access to TED talk videos in a clean and easy to maneuver format. I have always regarded TED talks as a great way to keep up with everything happening in the world: from the sciences to current events, and many other topics that can be searched for easily in the app. It may seem counter productive to have an app that does the same thing that YouTube has, but if YouTube proves to be a distraction for students or is not permitted in your school, this app poses a great alternative. Granted TED talks are too advanced for elementary and junior high classes, high school students could begin engaging lessons with a TED talk related to the topic. Perhaps the teacher could assign a specific TED talk to watch in advance for the next lesson.


Evernote is a free app for both android and apple devices that helps in managing everything that matters. It works to keep everything from important dates, times and events to articles, resources and texts that are of importance right in one place where it is easy to find. Teachers and students could use this app for remembering what is due in all their classrooms, keeping track of assignments and claims to be able to present notes into presentations if needed. It is great for brainstorming and keeping thoughts and ideas in one place.

Speed Anatomy

Speed Anatomy is a free app for android and apple devices that is simply a tool for practicing anatomy. It has review sections but its best feature is the timed placement; you must find the organ/bone/muscle in a select amount of time by tapping on where it is. The app has detailed photo's and proves to be a lot more engaging than a worksheet. A biology teacher could use this app as review before a quiz on anatomy, or just as a education 'break' from learning.


Mathematics is a free app for android and apple devices and has pretty much any calculation format anyone would need in Mathematics. Some of its greatest features include graphing functions, unit conversions, polynomial calculations and statistics. These features go beyond what a graphing calculator does and doesn't a thing! For teaching this app might be best used in moderation since it allows students an easy way out of doing work that they should be practicing. I think it would particularly be effective in graphing functions since the visuals seem to be much more effective than graphing calculators or anything else I have experienced.

Pocket Physics

Pocket Physics is a free app for android and apple devices that serves as a educational resource for  almost everything physics. I myself have never taken a Physics course, but this app defines terms, breaks down formulas and provides visuals that I can easily understand. This app would best be used as a resource for studying or just as a place students can double check their knowledge.

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