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I'm just a little girl with big dreams.......Here is where I will tell you my life.#curleesclass2015

"Basketball isn't just about packed arenas, and highlight reels. Basketball is a way of life. Basketball is a relationship between you and the ball, you and your teammates. If you love the game, nobody can take that from you."- Michael Jordan

Basketball is my favorite sport.

Everyone has dreams, so that doesn't mean I shouldn't. Since I was a little girl basketball has always been in my life and I've always imagined my self appearing on this website, as well as in a Los Angles Sparks jersey playing professional basketball in the WNBA(Women's National Basketball Association).

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!.... Ice cream has always been my favorite dessert ever since my taste buds absorbed the frozen food for the first time.

This song is like heaven to my ears because all I want be around is basketball, as you can already see. "Basketball" by Kurtis Blow is my favorite song, I love this game. When listening to this song it helps me block out whatever is happening around me, it takes me to place where basketball is the medicine that brings me peace and exhilaration.

Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player that could ever play this game, is one of my favorite  players. On my free time I like to learn how to play the game just like he did. I enjoy watching him play through videos, they show me what a hard working, and strong basketball player is

One last thing I would like to share, is a goal that I already have set. The goal that I want to accomplish for sure is to play college basketball for the University of Tennessee or at least go to that university, but I won't give up on my basketball career.

So there you go, this is Arianna's World


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