you would have never imagined

It's impressive to look at numbers sometimes. Demography, cities, building, languages, cultures etc. but have you ever look at numbers about aids and hiv. At first you wouldn’t even think it's possible. What if I told you that roughly 35 million people have a virus in them? And it keeps on growing to every year. Only recently has this situation been expanding much more than in the previous years. Estimate of 2 million per year newly infected people. It is pretty tragic to see such a disease taking such huge proportions all around us. The worst part is that we develop more innovative ways to prevent the spread of aids. It’s kind of ironic don't you think? What also hits hard it the fact that some of the wealthiest countries have a significant population that have aids. Let’s take South Africa for example. They are the country with the most infected people, with over 5.6 million people. Now the united stated are rank number 8, with over 1.2 million people infected. Why would the United States be number 8? Why is it such a problem in such wealthy countries? As you are reading this, over 1.1 million people in the United States are infected and only 15% don’t know about it. About a quarter of those people are between the age of 13 and 24. Imagine being a 15 year old boy that doesn’t know that a virus lives in him. And his life continues like if nothing has ever happened, being a potential disease transmitter.

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