Adolf Hitler

         Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889. he joined ww1 and was a decorated soldier. he began to notice the needs of the germans. he began to punish the jewish and take over many countries. this got the attention of many coutiries, which started world war 2.  he was a very dirty person.        

          Hitler was killing many "un-needed" lives. He began to form areas of killing and places where the jewish and american prisoners could be taken. they were called comsemtration camps. they wanted to kill hitler bad. they wanted to eliminate him before more lives, both civilian and sodiers, were put at home.

         America began to kill out the german army and hunt down Hitler. he noticed this and knew he didnt have long to live. he gave his dog and wife scinide. he wanted them to die with him. he shot himself. shortly after his place got bombed by the us and britain.