Australian Voice- Who Are We?

  1. Reflect on your understanding of Australian culture. To me Australian culture is the way that we celebrate(BBQ and beach cricket) spend spare time ( watching and playing sport), our customs and beliefs (multicultural education and acceptance) and our general way of life ( working hard and committing to tasks). It is full of mateship, generosity, compassion, never giving up and pride. It represents who we are.
  2. Demonstrate your own, individual understanding of culture in Australia over the past 5 years. ANZAC celebrations and research projects, Australia Aid helping out Nepal, Vanuatu and third world countries, our defense force fighting to protect countries such as Afghanistan and Syria, trying to save the Bali Nine Ringleaders and celebrating communal achievements such as the rebuild of communities after bush fires,floods and drought.
  3. Where do you get these ideas about Australian culture? What influences your understanding? I get these ideas from my surroundings and the way that I have been brought up around sport, good education, be told the truth and not being protected from society to an extreme extent.
  4. Use information from the PodCast, images, links to YouTube and other media, diagrams, infographics, songs, articles etc.
Australian Paralympian, Kurt Fearnley, show courage,determination, pride and passion on the Kokoda Track.
Aussie Gold Medalist, Anna Meares, representing Australia at the Olympic Games with pride,determination and passion.

The above video of Rosie Batty, Australian of the Year 2015, displays pride,passion, mateship, courage and tenacity. It shows that from a tragic situation can come great  courage and the foundations to a better future. Aussies can take bad situations and make something positive out of it.

The above ad "BBQ at Richie`s" show Australia`s past and present history, but in a fun loving, larrikan way that is associated with being Aussie. It takes "icons" of Australia and brings them all together over a  BBQ to celebrate everything Australian on Australia Day

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