Kessler, Glenn. "Iran’s Claim That Israel Has 400 Nuclear Weapons." Washington Post. The Washington Post, 1 May 2015. Web. 05 May 2015. Website.

Back in 1969, the leaders of the United States and Israel struck a deal in which Israel agreed to not test or report on their possession of nuclear weapons, and would therefore not be responsible for signing the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT). Recently, Israel's possession of these nuclear weapons has come to the attention of the public with the help of Iran, who is upset because they are also fighting for the right to own nuclear weapons. Israel does not want Iran to have nuclear weapons because Iran has stated that they will use them against Israel. Iran is arguing that they have a right to own these weapons, and claiming that Israel has 400 nuclear weapons, which is most likely an exaggeration.

  1. Who are the main opponents? Iran
  2. Any other countries involved or concerned? The whole Middle East, as a nuclear war would devastate that region.
  3. How is this conflict being conducted (i.e., what tactics: terrorist attacks, suicide bombers, drones… etc.)? Threats over a nuclear war, lying about the opposing country's amount of warheads.
  4. What was the cause of the conflict (as far as you can tell)? Tensions in the Middle East that stem back thousands of years, dating to religious wars as well as the Ottoman Empire.
  5. What efforts are being taken to solve the problem non-violently? Include your evaluation of the effectiveness of these peacemaking efforts or suggestion for what would be more effective. The United States as well as some of the other nations involved in the NPT are acting as mediators in order to end this conflict before the threats of nuclear war become reality.

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