Oromo coffee company, OSFNA, OMN,Google, Nike and apple

         I like Oromo coffee company  because of it's a unique social enterprise, the first ever community to community direct trading company. If this company add more cost to the Coffee which is not fair to their customers then they gonna lose their fans like me😊. My other brand is Oromo media network( OMN) which is independent,nonprofit and nonpartisan. OMN may lose its fan when it transmits inaccurate information to the people ( oromo) who are always trust of their country news.

           POPULAR LOGOS

      When we see famous logos the first thing we think is how that logo is easer to think and main to remember, like it's color and symbols. The other thing is Memorability which is the quality that makes your logo easy for customers to recall, which leads to repeat customers and word of mouth. Their  logo should help them remember that they exist and what you stand for.

                 What my logos would be like 😳

If I were to make logo for myself ......it would be like... bird holding a key 🔑🐦 with blue color because blue is a color of I have a hope which has solution.👍