Richard Hudson

Lion King Set Designer

Richard Hudson - Stage Designer

Richard Hudson is a Zimbabwean born stage designer; best known for The Lion King. He was born 9th of June 1954 and for his stage design for The Lion King he won the Tony Award for best scenic design and Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Set Design.

He studied at Wimbledon school of Art which he graduated from in the mid 1970's and became known for his set designs when he was approached by Julie Taymor - The Lion King's renowned director, costume and mask designer - in 1996 and received the Tony award in 1998.

The Lion King was a Broadway musical first in 1997, and was the second location it was shown; Minneapolis was the tryout location and was shown in 1997 also. The Lion King has since been around the world and the most recent place it was shown was in Sydney this year. Other places shown in Melbourne were Sydney in 2003. The Lion King Broadway was originally shown in the New Amsterdam theatre.

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