Above are images from the theater topics and aspects my class worked on such as the study of Balinese Shadow Puppetry, performing scenes from Macbeth and devising a performance for the Five Day Theater Project.

The Best Experience of 2013

Once upon a time there was a normal high school student who was an aspiring actress that was on a quest to obtain as much knowledge in their craft as possible. I am a senior at an International Baccalaureate (I.B. for short) charter school where I study many of the typical high school subjects like math, english, and biology. However, this school gave me the option to take something I would not be able to take at any other school in my district. I.B. Theater is a college level course which delves into some of the most interesting techniques of theater that are available there today. Learning these techniques allowed me to expand my knowledge in the high school elective I feel most comfortable with. In the year of 2013, I was given the unique opportunity to create and construct my own play through the I.B. Theater required project the "Practical Performance Proposal" or PPP. Everything from lighting to costumes was designed by me. This play is not going to be produced and performed because it will be shipped out in the spring of 2014 to be analyzed and graded by I.B. examiners. Although this was a challenging and stressful project, this experience enabled me to broaden my intelligence in all areas of theater and play design. I feel more confident in my acting and theater design abilities. I hope to carry this knowledge further through my education and hopefully in the future into a career.

  • What would you do with $250 to take your 2014 to the next level?

- If I was selected as a winner for the #Kudos2014 contest, I would use my $250 to give back to the place where it all started. I would donate to the after school theater program that helped me to realize my dream and aided in the knowledge, which I have been lucky enough to obtained through working in such a productive environment.