ScrapES Book #2

by: Kevin Burns

           For my second experience with nature I chose to take on my neighborhood wildlife park, Wolfe Wildlife. It is located a block away from house and is a popular scene for bird watching, animal onbserving, and park playing. The preserve has 3 main parks through out it with two major bridges that go over the pond's rivers. It is a very peaceful place, especially in the winter, that has tons of wildlife in it. Many good people spend a lot of time there especially in the summer. I chose to go in the winter since I knew it wouldn't be so busy, so i could have my peace while enjoying the wildlife for this project. I spent about an hour walking around reminiscing the good times back when i use to go to the parks in my childhood. They've updated the parks since then, so it did feel a little strange. I still rememebered the paths by heart, so while hicking through the forest I never got lost. The place is very peaceful in the thick dense forest and tons of animals can be spotted in there. I saw one deer, some squirrels, a rabbit, and tons of birds and insects. Not as many as there usually are because of the it becoming winter. The experience really calmed me down especially with the semester coming to an end.  A nice break can really unstress a person out and help them really appreaciate the true beauty of nature. Wolfe is an inpeciable place filled with tons of neat creatures. It has beatiful ponds and rivers to scout while giving great shelter for animals.

Environmental Problems: Landfills

            The article talked about some very key and major points about the bads of landfills. Overpopulation is a big factor towards worsening landfills. It talked about how the average person dumps almost 4.5 pounds of waste into landfills every single day. It brought up about how with the population skyrocketing across the country, these landfills will only become more of a public issue as time goes on. The waste landfills generate can really harm the atmosphere of the earth and especially the environment. It brought up some key points in:

-Atmospheric Effects ( methane get produced by the various forms of rotting organic matter )

-Hydrological Effects ( toxic soup of industrial and home-cleaning chemicals )

-Landfill Fires ( realeses harmful gases into the air )

-Decomposition ( not all trash decomposes )

         I would have to agree with the side this article is on with the ideas of lanfills. Before this I was with the Landfill side just because of how little I knew about landfills and I didn't really care where my trash ended up. After reading this article the author really brought in some great points that really makes you think about how landfills really can effect our environment. The landfills will alwasy have a bad in them no matter the way you try to dispose of the lanfill after it is overflown. Every point brought up helps me see more clearly on how landfills will never truely "dispose" of our waster accordingly without harming the environment. The only disadvantage would be using more money to find a friendly alternative without creating massive waste too.

Typical Wind Farm Supports Nearly 1,100 Jobs; Adds Millions of Dollars to Local Communities

                The article focused on wind power and how it is a very friendly alternative in creating jobs and energy without major pollution. The article said how wind farms are helping revitalize communities across the country by generating new taxes, lease payments to landowners and economic development revenues, in addition to creating new job opportunities. It went into great depth on the greatness of wind farms and how it can create such a better community and a better earth. A great stat they stated was, "wind farms generate about 50,000 megawatts of clean, renewable energy – the equivalent of the energy produced by 30 Hoover Dams – and the wind industry employs about 75,000 Americans. Wind energy production has increased by more than 170 percent in the past four years alone." The article spoke of all the pros towards switching to wind power and how much more environmental friendly it is.

           The ideas they are preaching really made me think about wind energy. I do love the idea of having more energy without the horrible precautions of environmental waste, I mean who doesn't? I believe the major draw back is the price it will cost to first implement these massive machines. Governments worry that the marginal benefit won't outway the marginal cost, so they don't trust in taking that risk. A huge problem would be if the area does not get enough wind then the whole project would be a bust. I do very much enjoy the ideas of wind farms in a long run sense because it will end up outwaying the prices of original dumping styles, but will aslo give the community a clean happy feeling with its super environmental friendly style.

-Kevin Burns

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3 years ago

Great Job Kevin! Great reflections. Just think if everyone composted their food using worms!!! Then the landfills wouldn't fill up as fast or produce as much methane! 50/50!!!