Here's What's Up!

Reminder, Thoughts, and Things to

Thanks for a great first week back!  Our journey begins on Monday with our students!  Let's make it one of laughter, learning, and memories!

1. We will be purchasing 4 read aloud books for our ENTIRE staff this year (book of the seasons).  Our first book, Have You Filled a Bucket Today?, is meant to help you establish a safe and compassionate learning community in your classroom.  Please plan to read this in the first 4 weeks of school.  We would like the theme from this book to be a part of our campus culture and vocabulary.  If you are a partner teacher, you may talk with your partner to see how you would like to ensure all of your students are offered this opportunity.  You might choose to display the book in your room as a reminder of its message throughout the year. 

2. Team Challenge- to truly aspire to "personalize learning", we must know our students personally and inspire them to learn and want to know more.  In each of your team planning sessions, spend at least 5 minutes talking about ideas to inspire your learners with the content you will cover. Perhaps the role of a teacher is not about telling and more about motivating.  Self direction and initiative are not traits that are just "in" children, they are traits that are taught and brought "out" of children!

3. Let's plan to wear our new blue Ferguson spirit shirts to the Sailor Social next Thursday, August 28th from 6:00-7:00 p.m.  On the first day of school, professional dress of your choice is appropriate. 

4. Have you checked the FergOffice calendar for the next few weeks?  Do you know what's coming up? 

Wishing you all the very best first week of school ever!  We are given a very powerful opportunity to help shape the future by touching our students' lives each day!  Let's make the very best we can of this tremendous responsibility!  Don't forget about each other in the meantime.  Take time to stop and lift each other up.  Its a lot more fun to work with nice people! Truly good character starts with us first!