World War I

Cause of the War

Before the war began, this photograph of several leaders was taken. These leaders from Spain, Portugal, Norway, Greece, Bulgaria, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, and the United Kingdom, became enemies of war within a decade after this took place.


Weapons and Technology

World War I began shortly after the industrial revolution. The military gained access to machines and used them at war. This machine was used for building the trenches that were fought in during the war.


Before the war began, planes were becoming more developed. Planes began to be used as a weapon of war for the first time in history. These planes would drop shells and get a bird's eye view to map the trenches.

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This photograph is of German prisoners that were captured. During the war many people were captured, wounded, and killed. Life for a soldier in World War I was a horrifying experience and scarring to those that managed to make it home.


It was common for a soldier to see dead and wounded men on the ground. World War I had so many deaths that soldiers had to be amuse to this dreadful sight.



Many people would gather to see the arrival of the troops and cheer at them. This is a photograph of women and children going to see the British troops arrive.

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During the war many of the men were enlisted into the military. This caused women at home to do the work that was left behind. This picture illustrates women doing handy work to make money and help the men at war.

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Impact of the War

The war had a great impact on many nations and their history. The land was effected by the trenches and around the world people were effected by the loss of millions of people.