So they took Rocky outside and took him back to thhe shop. He finally got to the hospital and his dad was worst.

He took Rocky to the hospital with him.

Harry went to thhe hospital  to see his papa.

He felt very bad cause he left his dad everyday till dinner time. Then every morning before school he went to the hospital and ate breakfest. Every afternoon he ate a snack with him. When he was able to eat alot because of his condition, Harry ate dinner and dessert with him too, until he got out the hospital.

When he got

3 days later his dad was as good as new. He was happy to get out there too. Harry  was happier.

He had ate a little of everything he saw.

Harry was happy that he could help his dad with everything now.

He ate candy as they were putting them in jars and candy hoolders.

Harry ate peppermints, cashews, jawbreakers, and many more candys like  gummy worms, bears, and sour candies.

In the end they had a great time. Harrys friends would comeover and help them. They all loved Mr. Tillian alot now.

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