The Oneida tribe
meaning:people of the standing stone

Past History :

New York State and one problem was before the Iroquois Confederacy existed the Oneida sometimes faught with other Iroquois tribes.

Present History
Wisconsin and New York and one problem today is The Oneida language is endangered because most children are not learning it.

The types of food they eat is Corn,Beans,Squash,Cornbread,Soups,
Stews,and had very meat/heavy/diets.

Breechcloths with leggings,overdresses,moccasins,
bead work and ribbon applique,traditional Iroquois dress,and Indian head wear.

long houses,large wood frames covered with sheets of elm bark,and as many as 60 people could live in one long house.

lacrosse sticks,bow and arrow,spears,
club,tomahawks and axes,knives,
and all tools were made by hand.


Mask carving American beadwork,porcupine quiltwork,and designs and pictures.

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