The Murder of Caylee Anthony

Details: Caylee was reported missing on July 15, 2008 by her grandmother, who had not seen her granddaughter since June 16, 2008. Her mother was the cause for the delayed call, as she denied her daughter was missing. After several months of search parties and investigating, Caylee's remains were found in the woods near her home. Her mother, Casey Anthony was sent to trial for murder, abuse, as well as misleading the police. At the end of the trial, in a shocking turn of events, Casey was pronounced not guilty of the two most significant charges. She now lives in an undisclosed home in Florida, refusing to leave due to public hatred of her.

Mystery: Did Caylee's own mother murder her?



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The Victim: Four year old Caylee Anthony

The Suspects: Her mother Casey Anthony and grandfather George Anthony.

The Evidence: Most of the suspicion fell on Casey simply because she continually lied about where Caylee was and what had happened in the 31 days she was gone. There was also hair of Caylee found in the back of her car, which was said to have smelt like decomposing body.

Narrator: Caylee, as a teenager now, looking back upon what happened and the trial that ensued.

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