Benefits of Doing HIV Test Singapore

When talk about HIV, I know everybody's face will turn to pale, because once get the HIV, it means death. But it is also not a wise mind to ignore or avoid this problem. Though there is may no risk surrounding us, but the data about HIV still scare us. There is research in 2004 shows that there are almost 1,200 million people dead of HIV and more than 3,000 million people get infected. And these data are still increasing. Among these data, East Asia, Eastern Europe, Central Asia shows the fastest increasing. The most serious area that gets infection is Sub-Saharan Africa. Next is South Asia and Southeast Asia. So it's necessary to do the HIV test Singapore once has some high-risk behavior. Somebody may in a state of utter stupefaction and don't know how to do. It's wise to keep calming and do the HIV test, which can help you drive out fear.

Somebody may afraid to know the result so that reject the HIV test, actually, to defer the time that have no help on the reality about HIV, but will make a bad influence on he or his friends and relatives, So for oneself, relatives and friends it's wise to do the HIV test. When make up mind to do the HIV test, there still one thing is very important. It's the best time to do the HIV test. Because people who infect the HIV show less unusual symptoms in the early times, so some people may ignore their risk of HIV. So it's best to do the HIV detection of antibody.

Professionals say the best time to do the HIV test is 3 months later after the high-risk behavior. Because most of the people will produce enough HIV antibody that can be detected after 2 weeks. But there is one thing that shows be cautious that there is always an HIV "window period". The time of "window period" is different may be in 2 weeks to 3 months. The "window period" should calculate from the time of high-risk behavior. After 3 month if the result of the HIV test is feminine, there is no need to do further test, for most of sufferers will produce serum antibody in 3 months unless one's psychology is in extremely fare or have the high- risk behaviors again. So once you get the feminine after 3 months, and be happy you are a healthy person.

Suggestion: Researches show that, do the initial HIV test Singapore after 2 to 4 weeks of the high-risk behaviour, if the result is feminine after 4 full weeks, there is 98% to exclude the infection rate; If do the re checking after 8 full weeks, the rate is 99.99% if the result is feminine; but if you want to 100% exclude the infectious rate, you did better do the ultimate test after full 3 months, if the result is still feminine, congratulations, there is no HIV virus in your body.

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