By Nina Germaney

What is Podcasting?

Podcasts were first designed by Apple in 2004, the idea was to have a type of digital radio that could be downloaded onto iPod and other MP3 players that was made of audio other than music files. Podcast are digital media files, according to Dictionary.com, they are usually part of a themed series, that can be downloaded from a website to a media player or computer. A Podcast can also be a video rather than just audio.

Simply Podcasts are an lone, prerecorded radio program over the Internet.

What hardware is needed for Podcasting?

To create a Podcast is simple and easy, most hardware needed are common items. To be able to record your voice you need a microphone; the higher quality of your microphone, the better your audio will sound but if you're just starting out this might be as important to you.This applies to the next hardware you will need, a digital camera, this is optional as a podcast can be just audio but as it can be a video as well. A computer is needed to be able to upload your Podcast to edit it. Headphones can also be useful hardware for Podcasting as it can help you get good feedback of your voice on the Podcast as sometimes speakers aren't loud enough.

What software is needed for Podcasting?

Internet connection is a big must for Podcasting, as you are going to need it to upload your Podcast for everyone to see. You'll need to link the upload so people can view it. Animation software can also be handy if you want to edit your Podcast, you need to ensure your final Podcast is in the correct software to avoid any technical errors or problems, so the viewing experience is smooth.

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