Pete Weaver

by lorenzo davis

this is pete weaver and the other guys.

Pete Weaver his typical day is being there at the fire department every morning to do his job. You have to have a high school diploma in order to work or be in service at the fire department. You have to be a good listener and have high expectations in order to be happy and do well at the job he works at. You have to good at reading, math, writing, and sports to be like any other person on his job. Pete Weaver is a good fire department man and says he's great on his duty and he counts on helping people in any way shape or form to do well on his job.

those are the answers to these following questions.

1. Whats your name? Pete Weaver

2. Whats your job title? FIRE MAN

3. Would you please tell us about one of your typical days or moments at you job? BEING AT THE FIRE DEPARTMENT EVERY MORNING

4. What kind of training or education does a person need for this job? HIGH EXPECTATIONS AND HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA

5. What personal qualities does a person need in order to do well and be happy in your job? HIGH EXPECTATIONS AND GOT TO BE A GOOD LISTENER

6. What things did you learn in school that helps you most on your job? READING, MATH, WRITING, AND SPORTS

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