Death Or Escape

''Sometimes, we love someone so much

that we decide

it's better for ''them'' if

WE LEAVE .. ''

Isn't this an ironic statement? A stalemate thought about the ramification of which we aren't aware.A farfetched idea that no matter how much you try you can't achieve. You can't be with them, you can't be without them.

What do you do when everything is going perfect? The sun is shining perfectly, you lie in the meadows with your love one beside, the sky is lit up the perfect blue..

but you know this won't last ..

There is a storm brewing deep and you have to escape...

Life has many twists, and the twist here is that you know you are about to die.You know you do not have much time left with you. The seconds and your breaths are being counted and there won't be much time left before you become part of the dust that lies beneath your feet.You know there is not much time and you want to spend your last moments with them. But what do you do? Will you spend your last minutes with them? Will you give them a farewell gift your absence? Will you give them smiles that soon will be converted into tears, once you leave? No! You can't ! You won't ! So all you do is leave .. You leave them in a menacing silence ,never letting them know about your absence . You give them a reason to hate you some day when they find that you left because you know Love and Hatred are two very strong emotions.. So, you become the God of your faith and of theirs and make a decision that changes not only their life but yours too. Difference being you won't be enduring the pain for as long as they will. But you know, once their tears are dry they'll hate you and learn to live without you. While making such tough decisions all we forget is

''You never stop missing them,

you just learn to live around that void.''

Death Or Escape

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