Imagery In Martian Chronicles

"A flooding sea of hot air; it seemed as if someone had left a bakery door open. The heat pulsed among the cottages and bushes and children."  (page 1)

"A brass band exploded in the sunlight, flinging off a gay tune from upraised tubas and trumpets." (page 42)

"The boys would hike far into the Martian country. They carried odorous paper bags into which from time to time upon the long walk they would insert their noses to inhale the rich smell of the ham and mayonnaised pickles..." (page 88)

"A warm breeze came over the land. The guest rockets, burning the sky and turning the weather from autumn to spring, arrived." (page 111)

"There was a big turkey dinner at night and time flowing on. When the drumsticks were sucked clean and lay brittle upon the plates..." (page 44)

"A great skull would roll to view, like a snowball; they shouted! Ribs like spider legs..."  (page 89)

"Garrett watched a mist drift by, whispering and whispering, shaped like beautiful and nebulous women. Down a moist corridor a machine whirled."  (page 108-109)

"All the hot dogs boiling, the buns warm, the chili cooking, the onions peeled and diced, the relish laid out..." (page 142)

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3 years ago

You pictures went so well with the quotes!

3 years ago

The pictures all related really great to your content and helped me to imagine what exactly you were referring to! Also, the italicized imagery was done all properly! :)