1949 - Elysee agreement reached

France agrees to help Vietnam build an army to oppose the communists

1956 - U.S. trains Vietnamese anti-communist troops

U.S. begins training South Vietnamese troops to replace the French who were leaving

1960 - Vietcong formed

Hanoi forms National Liberation Front for South Vietnam, dubbed Vietcong by Diem

1963 - Battle of Ap Bac, Diem dies

Vietcong defeats South Vietnam troops at the battle of Ap Bac, Diem is overthrown and murdered after protests from Buddhists for replacing Buddhists with Catholics

1975 - Last U.S. troops leave as Saigon falls to communists

Ho Chi Minh's northern communist forces take over Saigon, renaming it Ho Chi Minh City and marking the end of the war

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