*In are country they speak 3 different  languages English,Spanish.In our country they put the f in every word i still don't get what they say they do it for the teenagers for us to not understand what there saying.

*My family is really big my grandma had 15 kids.My ants each have more then 5 kids and those kids have kids so yeah are family is big, each year we all get together and travel somewhere for a family reunion. we go for 4 days and in the last day they show pictures of my grandma and grandpa.They already past away but there in a better place.

*Every weekend my brothers and sisters get together.To watch the cowboys game two of them like the 49ers so we always be fighting about who is better and who sucks. My sister has a big yard and we always play sports like flag football,kick ball, and volleyball.

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In our country there is freedom of religion. My family is Catholic because of are generation.My grandma was catholic her mom was catholic and it goes on and on.I love that there is freedom of religion because if there is happy people there is happy life.