Scenario 2

Step.1. State the situation.                     Marie has two weeks before she either has to sign up for basketball camp or summer science school.

Step.2.  List the options.                                Sign up for basketball camp, or sign up for summer science school

Step.3.  Weigh the possible outcomes.
Going to Science School could give her some practice with science so she can pass her class. And going to basketball camp can give her basketball practice.

Step.4. Consider values.
Going to science camp would let her be able to play basketball. And going to basketball camp would just make her better.

Step 5. Make a decision and act.
I would go to the summer science school so I can be able to pass my class and play basketball in high school.

Step.6.  Evaluate the decision.
The outcome was good because she would get to be able to play the sport she loves and pass her class.                                                



STEP 1: State the situation.
Bobby has two friends that want him to go to a party. When Bobby go's to the party, he realizes that there are drugs at the party. What should Bobby do?

Step 2:  List the options.
Bobby could stay at the party and be cool and do the drugs. Or he could get up and leave the party.

Step 3: Weigh the possible outcomes.
If Bobby stay's at the party, he could do the drugs and kill his insides. Or become addicted to the drugs and start doing them all the time. The good choice would be to leave the party and tell an adult.

Step 4: Consider values.
leaving the party would keep him drug free and want harm him. Staying at the party would probably get him used to drugs and hurt himself.

Step 5: Make a decision and act.
I would leave the party because I wouldn't want to do the drugs and get addicted to them. Plus I am just hurting myself when I take them.

Step 6: Evaluate the Decision
I think the decision that I chose was right because if he left he wouldn't get addicted to drugs and it wouldn't hurt him.                                               

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