where motivation leads us

First off, we create our own motivation by who/what we are influenced by. There are many things in life that can't be explained but such as in the are we born to be motivated article, “a lot of people fear based, when anxiety sort of drives their lives and then there are other people who look beyond that and make moving toward a goal an achievement.” This quote means that no matter how life is if you make excuses for not achieving the goal you had planned to do, you don’t get any where except where you started .There is no way we can get anywhere in life without knowing where we want to be or who is going to be there with us. Sometimes we imagine how things will turn out for us in our heads but, as we know when we see it in our heads it’s perfect without really seeing it in a realistic matter. Motivation is something we have to want whether it’s for ourselves or to help others something is still motivating us to do so.

Dr. Tae once said “Failure is normal. failure is expected.” This means that obviously no one is perfect. If you don’t expect to fail a few times throughout life than youll never really learn the true meaning of success. To achieve a goal is something you need to want and work hard for it.

In this picture you can see that these guys have some oddly robotic legs . Well this is because these legs are attached to their brains and what ever they think of doing for example like running or walking the robotic legs do what the brain is thinking . So even though they're paralyzed the robotic legs give them the privileged to walk if they are well motivated.

This guy here is Arthur Boormen who was told he'd never walk again. He felt like giving up because he reached out for help and every one turned him away. He finally met someone who was willing to help him. Today he is fully able to walk and run. Most importantly he was given a chance. " Just because you cant do something today ,doesn't mean that you can never achieve it.

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