3 Great Things!

Supporting Academic Integrity through Course Design
September 2014

This issue is all about promoting academic integrity in online courses. Some of the material you may have seen at the Academic Dishonesty- Decreasing Opportunity and Incentive workshops held in early September but other resources are new.

Great Thing #1:

Our Moodle is now adjusted to include a required academic integrity statement each time a student submits a document for an assignment:

  • This assignment is my own work, except where I have acknowledged the use of the works of other people. By submitting this assignment I acknowledge awareness of the Wayne Community College Academic Integrity Policy: http://www.waynecc.edu/distance-ed/academic-integ...
  • Note: This statement will only appear in newly created assignments, for directions on how to add it to existing assignments view the video below:

Great Thing #2

What exactly is plagiarism? This is probably one of the biggest challenges students face- simply understanding exactly what is plagiarism and what isn't. This graphic from TheVisualCommunicationGuy.com takes anyone with plagiarism questions through a step-by-step evaluation to determine the answer:  Did I Plagiarize? The Types and Severity of Plagiarism Violations

Great Thing # 3

Can I Use that (image, graphic, meme)? Another sticky question for faculty and students is whether or not it's acceptable to use images found online. A significant part of the answer is how an image is used. This second graphic from TheVisualCommunicationGuy.com follows the same common sense approach as Did I Plagiarize? Providing clear and understandable examples that walk users through the ins and outs of Fair Use and other concerns:


Bonus Great Things!

  • Don't forget all WCC faculty and staff can access professional development through Starlink. Check your email for Starlink login information. Then login at http://www.starlinktraining.org/ and check out the large variety of topics available. Starlink presentations are accessible on and off campus.
  • Have questions about the resources shared here? Or suggestions for new topics or resources? Email me at jamarciel-rozzi at waynecc.edu