8.2 Reflections

Practice Problems 19 and 20 by Maurissa McNeal in Math II


a. On paper, write the sentence, "Leonardo da Vinci was left-handed."

b. Write the mirror image of the sentence, "Leonardo da Vinci was left-handed."

c. Use Photo Booth to take a picture of both sentences to see if your mirror image sentence is correct. Add the picture to your Tackk.

d. What would Leonardo ask you to practice while writing sentences in a reflection? Use complete sentences in a text box on your Tackk.

Leonardo da Vinci would ask me to practice on my e's, a's, and s's. I would need to practice these letters backwards to perfect them.

e. "Explain why the fact about da Vinci in part (a) might have made mirror writing seem natural to him." Use complete sentences in a text box on your Tackk.

The reason that Leonardo da Vinci might have wrote backwards is because it may have just been easier since he was left handed. Right hands move from left to right so left hands must move from right to left. Therefore, writing backwards might have been an easier way to right. Another reason could be that maybe he had notes that he didn't want others to read. It would have been tricky for the reader to understand what he had written since it was backwards.


"Give three examples from every day life of objects or situations that show or use reflections." Take pictures of three objects, graphs or situations in class that show or use reflections. Use complete sentences in text boxes to describe each of the three situations. Add your pictures and your complete sentences to your Tackk.


This picture is a great example of a reflection. The looks of the mountains and clouds reflect on the water below. Since water is clear it can provide a mirror image of the scenery.


In the picture above, you can see how the triangle reflects over the y-axis. In both of the triangles, Point C is 5 units away from the y-axis.


In every car there are mirrors, which are used for its reflection. As you can see in the picture above, the lady is looking into the mirror and she can see herself. When driving, the mirror is used to see its reflection which shows what is going on behind the driver.

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