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Mission Statement: We want to give you the most intense investment plans available in our glorious economy to give YOU the biggest return on your investment so WE can make some money. The better you do, the better we do!

Investment Package                    Options

Here at I.I.I.I. , we want to give you the best possible return on your investment based off of what you bring to the table and what YOU want to do with that money. We assess your wants and how much you have to work with and we create specialized investment packages suitable for any risk/reward you may be interested in. Are you a gambler? If yes, we have plenty of high risk packages that can offer some HUGE HUGE HUUUGE payouts (if your willing to walk the metaphorical trade tightrope), we are talking hundreds of percent returns IF you hit the jackpot......IF.....

If that sounds a little concerning and you are a little bit more...cautious....with your funds, we have plenty of medium risk/medium return investments that may definitely keep your pockets happy and your sense of ....thrill seeking for gambling.....satisfied.

If even that goes a little to far for you and you want to play it safe, we have low risk/medium return investment options for you. Whether you are saving up for retirement and want to have a secure source of income for when you get to that point in life, or you just want to have some extra pocket money down the road and don't want all the risk and hassle of playing the markets, we have packages that are right for you as well.

High Risk Investment           Options

Corporate Bonds - our brokers at I.I.I.I. offer the ability to purchase bonds for your portfolio. Now, bonds are usually extremely low risk, but we put corporate bonds as a high risk investment because your company could go under, depending on what you invest in. *NOTE*- if you invest in larger companies, your bonds are pretty secure as well as with federal bonds, but its the smaller corporations that it becomes a "High risk investment"

Stocks - whether it be preferred or common stocks, if you are a gambler, this is probably one of the most popular options we offer here at I.I.I.I. . Our team of brokers invest in the most high risk stocks available on the market, whether they be penny stocks, new(er) companies, or just straight unstable...we invest in them in our high risk investment package option. This is if you have money to blow and if you hit it big, your payout has potential to be huge to astronomical depending on how much you have invested. *NOTE* - you do have potential to lose most if not all of your money, but upon signing a contract agreement with our brokers, you waive the ability to basically blame us because we told you so in this warning.

Other investments - we have many other investment options aside from stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc. We have the high risk stuff everyone wants. We have gold, silver, real estate agents to help you invest in land/property, FOREX Trading specialists and NOW FEATURING BITCOIN BUY/SELL/TRADES

Medium Risk       Investment

Mutual Funds - We offer a wide variety of mutual fund investment opportunities where we specifically give YOU that perfect blend of risk and reward. Just enough risk to get it out of low risk investment territory while maintaining the good flow of cash. These are among the most recommended packages by our brokers because of the wide range of possibilities that are present for money making.

401(k)s - We take your money (and some of your employer's if your lucky) and we will just throw money into the market in many different assets kind like a mutual fund...except its just for you!       

Low Risk Investment               Options

Bonds - ALL OF THE BONDS! We offer the ability to invest in government bonds, corporate bonds, municipal bonds and all those other fancy bonds you can possibly think of....except for James Bonds....Anyways, bonds are a great way for you to make a little extra money over years of time doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. With that being said, why not go for it? If you want a little bit of extra pocket change in the years down the road without wanting to take leap of faith in the market, go ahead and let us invest in federal bonds for you. You can also try your hand at corporate bonds but those can be a little more unstable but the government bonds give you that perfect chance to just build up money.

Certificate of Deposits - Its your money, its your account, you get to keep your own money and watch it grow right in front of you! HOW COOL IS THAT? Well, not really because unless you have a ton of money in an account, it'll grow relatively slowly...that is why you continuously put money in (AND DON'T TAKE IT OUT).

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