Journal of Civil War soldier

I, Elizabeth Smith, am a Women in the Union, who snuck in the war

Journal Entry 1
April 16, 1862
I, Elizabeth Smith, used to be a seamstress. I was actually in the midst of teaching my daughter to be a seamstress because she loves to sew. Then the civil war started and my whole family lives up in New York City, New York and are strongly against slavery. Our family was supported by my husbands blacksmith company. My husband, Samuel, signed up for the war and I could not bear to be apart from him. So I packed up, got a disguise, dropped off you 16 year old daughter, Mary, and my parents house, and set of for the war. Since the then, it has been a year and I have become a Sergeant, and so has Samuel. Life so far is doing okay.

My husband and I

Journal Entry 2
April 17, 1862
Grace- I just came back from a hard battle. I had to use my pepperbox and my Arkansas toothpick a lot. Hornets were flying everywhere
Michael- Hey possum! Where is the joy juice? One of the sawbones fixed me up because I had a hornet that a grey back hit me when I was tight. These bones are as rare as hen’s teeth!
Natalie- I am fit to be tied because of this war
Chris- I am completely played out in this war I can’t believe my hornets ran out now I’m `gonna skedaddle.
Emilio- My pepperbox still has hornets. Would you fancy some?
Grace- I met a new uppity soldier today and I was really angry. He wanted to be my new possum, but I walked away in the middle of one of his stories
Michael: Ah, great, here comes a bugger. Bully! The uppity bloke needs some tar water.
Natalie : Its not like i'm hard knocks but I pretty bruised
Chris- In this war I’m starting to feel like a jailbird
Emilio- I feel top rail number one.

Journal Entry 3

Dear my lovely daughter Mary,

        I love you and I miss you. I can not wait until I can come home and see you. Dad and I are doing well, no injuries yet. A day in the life of a soldier is pretty terrible. Their are drills, drills, and oh yeah, drills. We have to learn how to march, like we don't already know how to, and how to carry and use a gun. That part is really challenging. All of the men are so good with guns. They are good at killing, which is very disturbing to me. No wonder they don't want women in the war. I keep on dropping the gun. In battle, I try to hide and only shoot when it is safe too. Their has been a few close cuts. I keep thinking about running away and coming home to you, but I really could not bear to not be with your father. You are also in good hands with your grandparents. We convinced the major to let us sleep in the same tent because we are "really good friends." I think that people are starting to suspect something because I keep dropping the gun and I get scared when I have to guard camp at night. Pray that I do not get found out and that your father and I stay safe. See you soon.


The yellow and green bush outside my tent

                                                                                                              April 22, 1862

Journal Entry 4

     Was James one of the Dead?- I hope he is not dead. I love him and I could not live with out him. He has always been there for me. I have already taken three big risks to be with him. He is not dead, he can't be.

What will Jeremiahs reaction be if he is?- My brother has been with me all my life. I followed him and lied to be with him. My life is totally different. I want to leave the war, go home, and cry. I want to be with my sick mother, the only family member I have left. I have no more comfort in this war. I hate my life.

What is he isn't?- If he is not, I would be overjoyed. I could not live without him. He is my only brother. He will be their with me through the whole war. James is the only way I could through the next three years of fighting.

Does seeing men die in battle change Jeremiah?- I am very sad now to see all of the men that I have just met die. I do not want to be in this war anymore. How could I have signed up for this. I want to runaway and run home. I hate this sight of the dead and blood.


The Flag I solute every morning

Journal Entry 5
April 23, 1862
My Song for the War
Written by my husband and I

Verse 1:Deep in the forest
Dead bodies all around
Bullets fly
People die
You need to watch your back
And protect your soul
When again its morning
You need to live on

Here is war
And here its poor
Here the soldiers guard the country from its harm
Home your dreams are sweet
And here your dreams are crushed
Here is the place
Where soldiers fight
(Extra- Here is the place
Where lives are erased)

Verse 2:
Deep in the forest
Hidden from the enemy
A bed of red
A shovel lay
Forget them now
We have to go away
Cause when we wake tomorrow
Your death may lay


Verse 3:
Deep in the forest
Hidden in the trees
The tents are up
The generals pleased
The soldiers cry
In their privacy
The three month soldiers leave happily


Verse 4:
Deep in the Forest
Tucked away in shame
The suffering side
Comes home from a hard day
They know they’ll win
They will prevail
But now in this moment
They have failed


Journal Entry 6
April 24, 1862
My Pass times and my Food
I do not like it here at camp. We do nothing and sit in the cold for the longest time. I only like to play card games, like go fish and gin rummy. My favorite thing to eat a chunk of bread and a cup of coffee with a spoonful of brown sugar in it. It is so good. It is the only reason I still have a will to live, besides my family.

                                                                                                                  April 25,1862

Journal Entry 7

I have seen so much in this war. So many injuries, and so much death. Here are just some of the things that I have seen. I have seen someone who had a big toe amputated, a finger amputated, an arm amputated, and an leg amputated. I have also seen someone who has had to get a knee replacement and someone who has had to get their hip replaced. I also met a man who caught pink eye from one of his bunk mates. I have also encountered bullet shots in every part of the body. All of this blood is making me sick.

                                                                                                               End of the War

Journal Entry 8

I am so glad to be getting out of this terrible war. I never thought that the end would come, but it has. My husband got shot in the last battle of the war, and he has passed. I was crying for a very long time, and I now have to find a way to tell my daughter. I am also very happy to get out of this war. I need to leave and go be comforted by my family. Life was so much better at home. I want to go back to teaching my daughter. I will also have to go back to being a seamstress and working from home. I am not looking forward to working, but I am happy to be home with my loved ones. It feels good to go home

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