Eleonora Abbagnato was born on 30 June 1978 in Palermo. She is a ballet dancer and actress. After many years of study, Eleonora has become the first dancer in the Paris Opera House in France. Since she was a child her dream and her desire has been to become a dancer.

She has two brothers: Luca and Giuseppe. Her mother had a clothes' shop and her father is a manager. In 2011 Eleonora married soccer player Federico Balzaretti and they have a daughter: Julia.

As a young girl, she didn't go out much with her friends because she always spent her time watching videos of famous classical dancers doing their performances. At eleven she took part in a television show called "Varietà" hosted by Pippo Baudo. At the young age of twelve she found the courage to go abroad to study at the school of Mirka Brasabrasova, in Montecarlo.

At 13 Elonora toured with "The Sleeping Beauty" of Roland Petit in the role of Aurora as a child. In 1998, when she was 18, Eleonora joined the ballet of the Paris Opera and step by step she became étoile of Paris Opera House in March 2013.

In 2009 she joined Paolo Bonolis in hosting the second night of Sanremo Music Festival. In 2012 she was the coach of the blue group in the talent show "Amici hosted by Maria De Filippi".

Eleonora participated in many performances of classical and contemporary ballet. She was the soloist in many performances of Rudolf Nurayev, Marta Graham, Pierre Lacotte, Roland Petit, George Balanchine and her idol Carla Fracci and many others. She won many contests from 1990 to 2001 in Italy.

I admire Eleonora because she has made lots of sacrifice since she was young but also for her courage in leaving her family and her friends. In my opinion she is a brilliant dancer and she dances with grace and elegance. I recommend you to attend one of her performances, if you can.