Yamato Clan and the Heian Period

Yamato Clan    

(500 – 1900)

The Yamato Clan lived on the island Honshu in Japan. By the 500's they controlled most of the island of Honshu and the emperors of the Yamato Clan started calling themselves emperors of Japan. Other clans started to take over the Yamato Clan but they let the Yamato emperor stay the emperor but he didn't have much power.

The Heian Period

(794 - 1185)

In 794, Japan's emperor moved the capital to Heian. The nobles then moved to the new capital and lived in big palaces. The nobles were well educated and had nice clothes. The women during this period were not allowed to learn how to read or write in Chinese so they learned Japanese. And due to this a Heian woman named Lady Murasaki Shikibu wrote one of the most famous Japanese books call "The Tale of Genji", this book was also considered the first full length novel. During most of the Heian Period the Fujiwara family ruled.

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