Different Types Of Day Care Centers – Understanding The Difference

Working parents often need assistance services when it comes to taking care of their families, especially if they have young children living with them. Modern lifestyle and work schedules necessitates that they seek outside help to ensure that their children are well taken care of when they are out for their jobs. This need has given birth to the service of modern day care centers that offer professional care to children who are enrolled with them while their parents head out to work. They will not only ensure that your kid is safe while you are gone but will also keep them engaged, entertained and well fed during the time they are away from you.

The one mistake that most working parents make with day care center services is assuming a one-size-fits-all approach to child care. All of these day care centers operate by virtue of different teaching philosophies which influences the quality of care that a child receives. A good understanding of these classifications and types of services will usually help you pick the best one in accordance with your expectations and the needs of your child. Here is a brief description of the different categories in which you can classify child care services.

Corporate vs. family day care centers

The world is witnessing a phenomenal shift in lifestyle which is why the concept of corporate day care has been developed to cater to the needs of single, working mothers. These services are usually part of their company package and will ensure that their child remains close to them, within the premises of their office. This system is extremely convenient for dropping off the child before the workday starts and then picking them up once the day is finished. If there are any fees involved, they are greatly reduced compare to the standard facilities.

On the other hand, family day care centers offer a more private and homely setting to the concept. This usually involves an individual or a family unit who has experience in child care, providing these services from their home or separate premises set up for the purpose. These service providers are usually formally trained in this field and may sometimes even hire teachers to care for the increased number of children they have enrolled at their center.

For-Profit and Not-For Profit day care centers

No-For-Profit centers usually charge a fee from parents in exchange for the services they provide. This money is then utilized to pay for their employees, center premises as well as any other facilities that they are providing. On the other hand, not-for-profit day care centers depend on city, county, and state funding in order to keep operating. In most cases, the not-for-profit facility has better access to a wider range of resources which includes such as their supplies and their teaching staff. These are usually state-run organizations working in partnership with a group of parent’s in-charge of managing the entity. The decision making powers rest with the community.

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