Should Civilians Go To Space


Should civilians be able to go in space? I think they should be able to go to space. If civilians go to space they can learn more about it, experience a once in a lifetime opportunity, and get into shape with training.

If a civilian went to space it would be a once in a lifetime opportunity. They could see planets, stars, and asteroids up close. They could also float around in their ship. The civilians could share the story of the went to space, and brag about it. In addition to being able to explore space it is a once in a lifetime opportunity. You could learn more about space.

When you go to space you learn more about it. You could learn things like the names of planets. In space you could find out how things operate, like you space suit. You could research how  the planets revolve around the sun. you can learn a lot, but it takes time for training.

You may be thinking, what a civilian would want to waste their time training. Well that's why we got ride of the weak. During training the civilian could develop good eating habits. With training you could also become ripped! I still think civilians should go to space.

Overall it would be great to go to space, but it could harm you. Most civilians would love to go to space but NASA isn't allowing them. These are pros and cons of civilians going to space.

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