Joining A Gym? Best Machines To Use For Beginners

Most people who are just about to enter the world of fitness freaks usually take the route of joining a local gym. This is the best way to go for beginners as there will always be someone to guide you along the way as you move towards the fitness levels that you wish to achieve. The best and most state of the art machines will be available at your disposal and the most experienced trainers will be there to develop a workout plan that will be just right for you. But even so, as a beginner, it is quite natural that you are feeling a little overwhelmed and confused.

Taking up a fitness regime is not an easy task and I would suggest you become prepared for everything. A little bit of research can help improve your experience of working out at your local gym. Taking this spirit forward, here is a list of the machines that will be best for use by beginners during their first few weeks of exercising at a gym.

# Incline Chest Press

This is the machine that will help you to exercise the muscles in your chest and shoulders. The incline chest press usually has an incline bench where the user sits and two bars in front around chest level. Most gym instructors will tell you to ensure that you keep your elbows at the same level as your hands and not let them dip down to get the maximum effect from the exercise. The routine will not be too strenuous either and will allow you to build the initial strength that will be necessary to take on the more challenging and advanced exercise routines that will come your way later.

# Leg Press

If you are focussed on building the strength of your legs and are willing to work them out from the start, the Leg Press is the best machine to use for the purpose. It is fairly easy to use and has many difficulty levels allowing you to progressively make the exercise tougher and more effective as you progress ahead in your workout regime. The leg press comes in a variety of different positions from seated to linear, but the general concept is the same. Just follow the instructions of your gym trainer and you will be good to go.

# Treadmill

This machine is truly the most popular options to use in a gym. In fact, whether you are a beginner or an advanced trainee, you will definitely be using one of these for your cardio workouts. They are extremely easy to use and you will find an abundance of them ay any gym you plan to join. This means there will be no need for you to wait in a line while someone else uses the machine. Difficulty levels and workout types can also be selected based on your preferences.

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