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My name is Carmen Cuneo I am a sixth grader Holman Middle School in Henrico Va.  


Katheryn Hudson (better known by Katy Perry), was born on October 25th 1984. Katy's parents Mary and Keith Hudson were both pastors while Katy was growing up. Katy got into music at a young age having vocal lessons at age 9 and learning to play guitar by age 13. Though Katy loved to play music she wasn't allowed to listen or play the pop or rock music for example "Ironic" . But at a friends house she had a sleepover which introduced her to Alanis Morissette and Freddie Mercury.

Hard times

Katy began her career as a Gospel singer, but the career wasn't a big success because she only sold around 100 copies of her album. Years later she teamed up with the Matrix an award winning  song writing team.  The Matrix have done many collaborations  with different stars, but were tired of producing for others and started doing it for themselves while Katy was one of their singers. But sadly enough they never got to have their record released. Since the album didn't get released  Katy made a solo album with Capital records.  But then that didn't go as planed either and her 2 songs were given to Kelly Clarkson. It was 2008 and Katy had made the album One of The Boys, though in the making she was dropped from two labels, it was a big success. She spent a total of seven years of being dropped from record labels but she never gave up, and now she is one of the most popular people on the planet.

Albums and awards

In 2001 Katy Made a Gospel album called "Katy Hudson". But it only sold near to 100 copies. The next album she made was called "One of the Boys" in 2008. One of the Boys, that had the songs "Waking Up In Vegas", "Hot and Cold", etc. One of the Boys also got nominated for a teen choice award for best Female Artist. Then in 2010 she produced the album Teenage Dream which had the songs Firework, California Gurls, E.T.. This Album was nominated for tuns of awards like a Grammy for best album of the year, and another Grammy for best pop vocal album, and world music awards for worlds best album, etc.. Then in 2012 Teenage Dream The Complete Confection was released which added two more song to the list. And then most recently Prism a album with the songs like ROAR, dark Horse, This is how we do, etc.. This album has been nominated for another World music award for worlds best album and more.  

Fun Facts

- Katy has a cat named "Kitty Purry"

- On her 28th birthday she went to lunch with Michelle Obama

- She has written songs for Selena Gomez, Ashley Tisdale, and Kelly Clarkson

- she has a perfume called Purr


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I really like how you added that her last name is really Hudson
I really like how you added that her last name is really Hudson

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How many copies did "One of the Boys" sell?

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why is her cat named kitty purry?