MY Rockin Summer!

Daniel's wishes come true at Disney World

At Disney World, I felt like a seven year old again. Riding all the rides and meeting all my favorite characters. If I had to spend those amazing moments with anyone in the world, I would be glad to spend it with my family.

My best friends

Hey! I was there.

One thing that never changed throughout the whole summer is that every night my family and I would sit around the T.V. together. The place I wanted to be was anywhere with my family because they make everything better. I really wanted more time to have some of my friends that, way we can talk and not worry about school. I love the T.V. show, Full House I watched almost everyday over the summer. My favorite moment of the summer was when my whole family rode Space Mountain. The song that couldnt get out of my head was Rude by Magic.

3,2,1, BLAST OFF!!!